The slave experience of sharecropping

The slave experience of sharecropping could be very torturing. Although, most blacks were free, the depended on whites economicly. Having to take their jobs as sharecroppers.What the men and women wanted was to own their own land so they could support their black families. Even though, most of the families lived on plantations.

plantation worker

Some larger plantations with many sharecrop farms, printed their own money and minted their own coins. They were actually advanced to sharecroppers

Sharecropping is an agreement in which a tentent is allowed to work the land in exchange for surrendering part of there crop to the landowner.The tentent is allowed to work the land if they surrender part of their crop to the landowner.Lots of sharecropping agreements were made after the civil war when slave owners were were told they could not have anymore slaves.The farmers still wanted people to do there farm work so the payed sharecroppers.Sharecroppers were kind of like slaves but they got paid insted of being forced to work for free.That is how sharecropping became popular in the south.

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Sharecropping familes got paid very little money.The families would just hope to have enough money to survive from month to month.The landowners would sign for the sharecroppers at the stores to tell them what they could buy and they could not.Kids that families were sharecroppers did not get anything new there money had to go towards food and materials for the farm.That is what sharecropping is.

Sharecropping occured in Africa, Scottland and Ireland. It came into wide use in the southern united states at the time of reconstruction (1865-1877). It has also been found in England, Pakistan and India. As recently as 1995 sharecropping aslo is in parts of Asia. This is where sharecropping was found and started. Sharecroppin was developed in the southern states during the civil war. Sharecropping replaced the plantation system destroyed by the civil war.Sharecropping was a sort of compromise. This is when sharecropping started. This is how sharecropping began.