The life of a black person.The life of a black person is really hard. Black people would have to deal with a white person every single day. Black people could not go into any store or restuarant or even go to the same bathrooms. The black people could not be with white people.

Black people would be spit on and called name. Segregation was not a good thing for colored people. White people killed colored people . They lynched black people. They bossed them around.

 What places did segregation mostly occur:

Segregation was a pretty common thing in the world during the years of 1946-1975. The most places it occured were? One of the places was Ohio, especially in the schools. Many of the ohians opposed the bussing buisness. A major step towards the equality of black and whites was the brown v. board the education of topeka.

Some of the other places it occured were Alabama and South Carolina. Also it occured in Georgia quite a bit. Begining in 1909, a small group of activists and founded the NCAAP. A five year old girl was forced to walk through a group of white people to get to the school. Segregation was mostly occured in the south.

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Broken school bus in Louisa County, Virginia
Broken school bus in Louisa County, Virginia
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