Chain gangs

Chain gangs are a group of people that are chained together.The punishment for that will include building roads, chipping stone or digging ditches. The chain gang primarly took place in the southern part of the United States. By 1955 the chain gang was spread out nationwide. The prisoners all had shackles on so they couldn't run away.

The shackles weigh about 13lbs. Some of the chains used in Georgia weighed almost 20lbs. Some inmates can still volunteer for being a chain gang to earn an extra credit towards a diploma.


Lynching is illegal killing. The Klu Klux Klan was known for lynching many innocent peoplw during the time of segregation. The Tuskagee institute recorded 3,446 lynchings of blacks and 1,297 lynching of white people between 1882 and 1968.The punishments for lynching was often death. Mainly lynching happened to black people, but sometimes to white people.

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A famous victim of lynching was Emmet Till. The men who murdered Emmet Till were found innocent by the jury external image lynching_20080123_181519.jpegwho consisted of all white people and two members who were part of the killing of Emmet Till. Now lynching is taken more seriously. No matter what race, people get a trial. Back in the time of segregation, many blacks wouldn't get a trial.