The Effects of the Jim Crow Laws

The african americans moved north in big numbers to seek better lifes because of the Jim Crow Laws. The Jim Crow Laws were put in effect in the 1880s as a way to implement racial segregation, which resulted in the loss and abuse of the civil liberties of African Americans. The Jim Crow Laws began to reduse in the 20th century. When people think of Jim Crow they think of laws thtat band colored people from public transport and facilities, juries, jobs, and neighborhood. The Jim Crow Laws affected all the colored peoples lifes.

The blacks were denied total acess to any things like amusement parks,tennis courts, swimming pools, and bowling alleys. The Jim Crow Laws came in many forms for example for a black person to vote they had to pay a pole tax, or by saying the Declaration of Independence from memory. Other laws demanded for black people to sit in the back of the bus. In the south some black people are scared of being harased and beat up. The Jim Crow Laws limited the job employment for black people. Those are some of the effects of the Jim Crow Laws.

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Before Jim Crow Laws

Before the Jim Crow Laws all people were not treated equally. African Americans were treated like dirt.
African Americans were not people they were just an object. After the Jim Crow Laws the white people still thought of object .

What is Jim Crow Laws you may be asking yourself. Jim Crow Laws are laws that were made for racial descrimination. After the American Civil War states in the south passed anti-african american legislation. These became known as the Jim Crow Laws. This included laws that dicriminated blacks and hispanics. Trains and buses were also segregated and in many states marriages between blacks and whites.

In the early 1950's the National Association