where is the best place to pick cotton? I am going to tell you. Cotton is grown in about 80 countries in a band that stretches around the world between latitudes 45 North and 30 South. For a good crop of cotton you have to have atleast 160 long sunny frost free days. Well drained crumbly soil that holds moisture well is the best to grow cotton in. The most important is that you need to have flat ground to grow cotton in.

What is the price of cotton? I am going to tell you. The cost of cotton has rise 56 percent in the past three months. Right cotton is at a 140 year high. The most at risk right now are discount retailers that compete price and sell large amounts of cotton based items. Some say that people are exploring different materials, including synthetic blends.

King Cotton Diplomacy-
In the 1850s and during the America Civil war, the Britain and France required cotton from the south and the cotton diplomacy was the new idea. South Carolina exclaimed that "Cotton is King." The cotton-starved western European powers would be forced to enter the conflict by the offering of diplomatic recognition to the Cofederacy and the breaking of the Union blockade to secure cotton. King Cotton was a slogan used by southerners to support secession from the United States by aguing cotton exports. The cut off of the supply of cotton to England and gain British recognition of the confederacy. The large plantations that were growing cotton they produced most of the south wealth.

King Cotton Diplomacy-
The south blundered during the civil war because it clung too long to faith in King Cotton. The South's long-range goal was world monopoly of cotton, it devoted valuable land and slave labor to growing cotton INSTEAD of urgently needed foodstuff. Cotton is regarded as the best fabric worldwide and it is also considered to be the one of the oldest crops in the world. Most of the discussions of cotton dwell on the short period when cotton did rule as king. This "mature" period of cotton and slavery was not necessarily typical of or relevant to the earlier periods of plantation agriculture that accompanied the emergence of the cotton mono-culture. Source:

Why we pick cotton.........
The reason we pick cotton is, because cotton was the main crop in the south. Many slaves had to work on the cotton
plantation.The slaves had to get up early in the morning, they worked long hours and ate very little. The other white men liked seeing the slaves work, they pretty much loved it. Most of the them were employees & household members.

If the slaves were injured or killed (by snakes), compensation was required. Now days we have a michine that removes the cotton form boll without damiging the cotton plant. In 1901 there was a disease called " Cotton Wilt" or "Fusarium Wilt." It entered plant's roots and worked its way to the stem until the plant was completely dried up. Tangus was able to develope a seed which produced a superior cotton plan resistant to the disease.xii1.jpgix1-200.jpgpicking-cotton.jpg