A boycott is when people don't like something. People also do many thigs to show their refusal to the product. They might protest against it. There are many examples of boycott.For example the "Montgomery Bus Boycott".

The Montgamery Bus Boycott was a protest in 1955 that was involved with the civil rights. What happend was that Rosa Parks didn't want to give her seat on the bus to a white women. She refused to go to the back of the bus when she was told. So she was arrested and was found guilty. But Rosa Parks did everything she could to stop that. At the end she finally accomplished her goal.

The process of boycotting

The process of boycotting is when someone is forced to do something and do something to stop it.

A boycott accures when individuals or groups refuse to participate in an activity or function in order to show there opposion to its occurance. Another example is to protest or do what you think is the right thing to do likeRrosa Parks did. Boycotting is a long process. I think its a weird process to. You could get lynched for something like this.

Some more processing examples is, Say that someone is forced to shop at walmart and they dont live near one. That person goes and they ask every one of there friends and they make flyers and bordes,etc.

Then they get alot of people to stop shoping there that is a boycott process. If you read roll of thunder hear my cry then you will see alot of boycotting. That is the process of boycotting.


Examples Of Boycotting

Rosa Parks was an example of boycottng because when she was alive, black people had to sit in the back of the bus asnd she was black. So when she sat down on the bus and the bus driver told her to get up and let the white people sit down but she didnt listin. So she was boycotting. An example from the book "Roll Of Thunder, Hear My Cry"the Logan's family tries to get other families to boycott the Wallaces store so that they would lose their business.

Another example for boycotting is that some people may try to boycott some restaurants because they gave them poor service, or they were mean to them, or messed up their order. They could boycott them and get some other people to boycott with them and they could lose all of their business. Those are some examples of boycotting.